Full Wing Burners are manufactured with all precision stainless steel EDM cut patterns attached to stainless surgical clamps.
The stainless clamps are specially made to accommodate the small patterns of some flies.

Designed to closely imitate the size and silhouette shape of some aquatic insects. The entire wing is capable of being formed at one time along with a small tie down tab.
Most fly tying material can be cut or burned. Full Wing Burners are available in many more shapes and sizes than what are currently on the market. Full Wing Burners have ergonomically angled pattern dies to allow easy access to all sides of the die.

The Full Wing burner has a tension band to provide light squeezing pressure on the material. This allows the user to adjust any material to the correct position before clamping.
A major advantage of Full Wing Burners is that you are able to clamp and lock the wing material in place. This clamping will allow the user to cut the thicker material that is sometimes used in the crafting of body shapes. Patterns dies are epoxied to clamps as not to warp the tool by welding.  Cauterizers are availabe from "Hareline Dubbin Co."  or "Fine Science Tools" are the best  for burning.


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Pattern #1

Pattern #2